Breaching / Explosive Method of Entry (EMoE)

Alford Technologies water-tamped breaching charges are engineered to deliver maximum performance from a minimal net explosive quantity (NEQ). The water tamping ensures that the explosive effect is focused and fragmentation is reduced to protect the Breacher. These products are used by Breacher teams worldwide to successfully breach walls, doors and windows.

ALFORD STRIP™ is a high-efficiency tamped strip charge used to split wooden doors, windows and to cut laminated glass or to breach plastic or wooden doors. It can be used both to cut targets and to push like a compact water impulse charge.

BREACHERS BOOT & MINI BREACHERS BOOT ™ are high-efficiency water-tamped breaching “water impulse charge” used to open steel, wooden or plastic (uPVC) doors. The explosive load can be easily tailored to suit the target. Breacher’s Boot™ has been successfully used in the UK in counter terrorist operations and is widely used throughout the world.

GATECRASHER is a water-tamped breaching charged renowned for its superb performance. It is used to produce man-sized holes in walls up to 50cm (20in) thick. Its explosive power is greatly enhanced by water tamping which contains the power and minimises fragmentation.