Conventional Munitions Disposal- CMD

The Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and Conventional Munitions Disposal (CMD) range of tools is led by the flagship Vulcan shaped charge. Vulcan can be used both on land and underwater for a variety of explosive tasks and provides a capability complemented by charges such as the larger Pluton and the Tekton flying plate.
All shaped charges are capable of supporting low order deflagration, cost-effective disposal, an alternative to de-armers or for high order detonation as necessary. The range of charges are all modular in design which allows the user to select the size of charge, the projectile to be fired, the explosive load and, finally, the stand-off giving an unrivalled degree of versatility and flexibility.

VULCAN™ the smallest of the Alford shaped charges, the patented Vulcan™ is a highly versatile, user-filled, modular 30mm diameter shaped charge system which is in service around the world. Used as a tool for producing low-order disruption of target munitions, it has an almost 100% success rate – certainly more than any competing system – therefore giving confidence to operators in urban or vulnerable places. The Vulcan™ is small, lightweight and requires a very low NEQ for the performance it delivers

PLUTON™ is a 65mm user-filled shaped charge system, larger than the Vulcan™ System, and is designed to support EOD operations. The charge can be used against unexploded ordnance and conventional munitions. The Pluton™ Basic Kit provides a comprehensive kit which can be augmented with capsules and five types of projectile.™

MARITIME EODThe Vulcan Counter-Limpet Mine System™ (VCLMS) and Pluton Maritime EOD Kit (PLMEOD ™ ) are user-filled modular shaped charge systems used against underwater threats including unexploded ordnance. Each kit will equip a Maritime or underwater EOD Team with all the tools needed to perform multiple tasks. Charges can be used stand-alone or linked together with detonating cord. The kits can be replenished as stocks are consumed. The kits contain common accessories increasing their interoperability.