Unmanned Ground Vehicles -UGV

CIED Systems is proud to represent ŁUKASIEWICZ – PIAP Institute, the Polish State Research Centre for robotics, automation, and industrial measurements.  PIAP is an ISO 9001:2009, AQAP 2110:2009 accredited institute who for 20 years has manufactured mobile robots for C-IED and reconnaissance applications, providing comprehensive solutions for the Army, Police, Fire Brigade, and other services responsible for security, crisis management and population protection. PIAP robots are distributed to 22 countries worldwide.

More information is available at https://www.antiterrorism.eu/

Tactical Throwable Robot TRM® is a small UGV designed to deliver instantaneous video and audio reconnaissance in difficult to access environments in support of operations. TRM® can be thrown into a building or to an open area and steered by the lightweight controller. TRM® is designed to withstand the impact from a fall from up to 9 metres.

The current second-generation robot has silent drives and is capable of deploying and initiating a flash bang grenade.


PIAP GRYF® EOD UGV is a robot designed for reconnaissance in rough terrain and hard to reach places. The manipulator with 5 degrees of freedom allows GRYF to lift loads weighing up to 15 kg. The wheels can easily be removed, reducing the dimensions of the robot and thus facilitates access into tight spaces. The applied drives enable GRYF to smoothly overcome uneven terrain and obstacles up to an angle of 45°. The robot is characterised by excellent maneuverability. Low weight making it easy to transport and carry, and the modular design allows for quick and easy change of additional equipment.https://www.antiterrorism.eu/portfolio-posts/piap-gryf/

PIAP GRYF® Snow/Sand UGV is designed to operate in difficult conditions such as deep snow or sand. The track chassis is modified to reduce unit pressure to the ground and prevent the robot from sinking into the ground track. The tensioning and cleaning system ensures that snow and sand do not clog up the chassis. https://www.antiterrorism.eu/portfolio-posts/gryf-snow-sand/

PIAP PATROL® UGV is a medium tracked robot developed to provide a remote capability for operators in hazardous CBRN & C-IED environments. The robot dimensions and applied drive system allow to carry out activities both indoors and in difficult terrain.

The Manipulator arm has a maximum reach of 2m and 6 degrees of freedom and a gripper function which enables PATROL to lift and carry loads up to 22 kg. The lightweight control panel can be integrated with mobile x-ray systems and CBRN sensors and PATROL design enables the use of several accessories simultaneously. The compact and modular design enables PATROL to be transported in a passenger vehicle. https://www.antiterrorism.eu/portfolio-posts/robot_eod_piap_patrol

PIAP FENIX lightweight, backpackable, UGV developed to conduct reconnaissance in support of military operations, including places inaccessible to personnel. Cameras (optionally: thermal, night vision) mounted on the robot’s mobile platform allow the UGV to conduct day and night surveillance. The FENIX track-wheels chassis with moveable front flippers ensure easy movement on hardened road surfaces, dirt roads, cross country and in urban environments. FENIX®  is easy to transport and deploy and, depending on its equipment, can serve either for surveillance, lifting and neutralization of dangerous loads or for transport of sabotage measures. FENIX® has an operating time of up to 6 hours.


PIAP IBIS is a robot for pyrotechnic operations and reconnaissance intended for disposal of dangerous objects, chemical detection and rescue operations.

IBIS has a Six-wheeled chassis with independent drive to each wheel allowing it to operate in challenging and varied terrain (bedrock, wetlands, mud, sand and debris). IBIS is a fast robot with top speed more than 10 km/h and the design of mobile base suspension ensures optimum wheel contact with the ground. Precision drive system ensures fluidity of movement of every part of the robot, at any speed. The Manipulator with extendable arm has a reach of over three metres with a high range of motion in each plane. The manipulator has a lift capacity of up to 50kg and is capable of deploying C-IED disruptors. https://www.antiterrorism.eu/portfolio-posts/ibis/

PIAP EXPERT UGV is designed to carry out lifting and carrying operations and to transport heavy objects. The design of the robot reconciles two conflicting features: small mobile base allows maneuvering in confined spaces, and its long manipulator allows picking hard to reach objects. Innovative stowable lateral stabilizers enable secure fixing of the mobile platform in confined places such as between rows of seats enabling safe lifting of considerable loads and precise operation of the manipulator during maximum lateral reach of its arm. EXPERT can also deploy a recoilless disruptor and portable x-ray system and is equipped with 6 cameras: on the manipulator (main camera), on the gripper, at the back and front of the robot. Additionally, two cameras are placed on the sides of the front tracks, these enable inspection of areas such as under seats.Front tracks (with remote controlled tilt angle) ensure stability of the structure when negotiating high obstacles and climbing stairs. https://www.antiterrorism.eu/portfolio-posts/expert/