VAST – Handheld Detector Training System

VAST Visualization and Signature Technology

VAST stands for Visualization and Signature Technology. At its core, VAST is a very accurate position tracking system for handheld detectors. VAST tracks the 3D position, speed and tilt angle of a detector search head. Using this data, VAST delivers rich visual feedback to support handheld skill assessment. With VAST, it is quick and easy for instructors to “see” how effectively an operator is searching. Thus, enabling objective evaluation (& self-evaluation) and the delivery of targeted instruction.

VAST lets the instructor specify the model of detector in use before a training run. The instructor can also set error thresholds for speed, height, and tilt violations.

Visual feedback from VAST is simple, intuitive, and customizable. When an operator sweeps an area in real life, a colored path appears on a virtual map within the App. The size of the path depends on the type of detector in use and its mode of operation. When the operator makes a mistake (too high, too fast, too much tilt), an error bubble appears. Gaps in the colored path signal that the operator has failed to effectively cover an area during the search.

TRAINING AREA – Tracks a standard size training lane

FREQUENCY – Operates on commercial 2.4Ghz spectrum

DURABILITY – Dust, water and drop proof

ACCURACY – Tracks a detector head to cm level accuracy.