Extreme Performance Ltd – Sniper Extreme Ammunition

Extreme Performance – Sniper Extreme

Extreme Performance Ltd (EPA) is a prominent UK Defence Company delivering a diverse range of bespoke Defence projects from concept to completion. They have established a reputation for innovative products and solutions for the UK MoD, CAST and Private Companies, with many completed projects to their credit. Extreme Performance Ltd have developed some of the best sniper ammunition available anywhere, they are an ISO 9001 registered approved UKMOD and USA DOD supplier, trusted by armed forces, governments, and national security customers worldwide. Their understanding of operational requirements enables them to deliver products to meet today’s ever changing threat environments. EPA are licenced for all types of energetics and pyrotechnics and Home Office approved for all types of weapons and ammunition. Extreme Performance Ltd manufacture a wide range of products including specialist ammunition, designed for Police and Military use, offering many advantages the conventional commercial counterparts.

Manufacturing ammunition in calibres from 9 mm up to 12 7 mm with an extensive range of projectile types, they also produce EOD / IEDD disruptor cartridges and projectiles in 12 gauge, 12.7 mm, 26 mm and 39mm and a 12 gauge Anti Drone cartridge. Their manufacturing and test facilities can produce over 10 million rounds of Sniper ammunition per year.

Extreme Performance Ltd Research & Development facility, managed by a team of dedicated, highly skilled professional staff is licensed for load development and testing to NATO, CIP and SAAMI standards. Extreme Performance Ltd are homologated to CIP through the London Proof House, ensuring all ammunition is tested and approved by CIP where required.