Improvised Explosive Device Disposal – IEDD

The Improvised Explosive Device (IED) is the terrorists’ weapon of choice in asymmetric warfare today. Alford Technologies is at the forefront of bomb disposal technology and have developed an extensive range of IEDD equipment, used daily throughout the world in EOD and IEDD operations. Alfords’ range of C-IED Tools includes explosive water-projecting disruptors specifically for use against small to large sized IEDs. Explosive access tools and a variety of different sized omni-directional disruptors.

BootBanger is a powerful water disruptor for use against vehicle-borne IEDs (VBIEDs) which are typically in the boot/trunk of the vehicle. Using patented technology, BootBanger™ projects a jet of water which penetrates and ejects the contents of the boot/trunk. Component parts of a device are disrupted and separated by the jet without initiation.

The MOD family of package / parcel bomb disruptors are explosively driven water disruptors for attacking a broad range of targets. The range start at the lightweight DemiMod™ for use against small to medium sized IEDs up to the MajorMod™ which is a medium sized disruptor for use against IEDs such as fire extinguishers or gas cylinders .

The Bottler™ is a family of water-jacketed Omni-directional disruptors that are economical and simple to deploy. They may be used as omni- directional disruptors for thin-walled targets when placed next to suspect objects or in the cabin of vehicles and VBIEDs for disrupting suspect devices on the seat or in the foot-well. The Bottler™ family of omni-directional charges is available in three sizes: 0.25 litre, 0.5 litre and 1 litre. Also available in a small charge sizes as Bottler Lite™.

Modular Large Vehicle Disruptor – MLVD™ is a powerful modular water disruptor used against vehicle-borne IEDs which are typically in the load carrying area of the vehicle. Using patented technology, the MLVD™ projects a jet of water which penetrates the vehicle and expels its contents without causing detonation. Modularity allows the charges to be configured in multiples dependent upon target size.

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